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Why Choose IVA High?


Welcoming and Collaborative Atmosphere

IVA High is an inviting, joyful, community where every student is cared about, known well, and appreciated for their unique attributes. This is a place for students to discover their interest, be curious, and better understand themselves. IVA High students have a large say in creating our high school environment, from our robust extracurricular offerings, to athletics, leadership opportunities, and enrichment programs.  


Caring, Compassionate Faculty

Our diverse staff is a critical part of providing a supportive and challenging education. Our teachers are highly qualified, come from diverse backgrounds, and approach learning with enthusiasm. We value relationships as an important component to school culture and collaboration, and see teachers as partners in all aspects of our community.  

Progressive Instructional Tools 

IVA High employs progressive instructional tools for students to engage with the curriculum. This is a unique opportunity for students to not only consume information, but to be the "producers of information." Our classrooms are often discussion-based. Teachers use instructional practices in the classroom, such as thinking routines, Universal Classroom Design and innovative, passion-driven, art-integrated projects.  

College Partnerships

IVA High partners with intellectual character experts from Boston University, Harvard University, Calvin College, Loyola Marymount University, and Biola University, which provides research for professional development, and training on progressive instructional tools.  

Public, Mission-Driven High School

Our mission is to develop the intellectual virtues within our learners and facilitators (qualities that foster critical thought, creative problem solving, and self-directed growth) in a thoughtful, challenging and supportive academic environment. We equip our students for the opportunities and challenges of college, career, and beyond, by equipping our students with intellectual virtues, including such dispositions as open-mindedness, curiosity, tenacity, and humility, which are woven throughout all we do.  

Strong Academic Foundation and Life Skills

We are committed to instilling in our students a love for learning and an appreciation for intelligence in its multiple forms. Our talented faculty provides an outstanding educational experience that equips students with a strong academic foundation and valuable life skills. We employ a constructivist philosophy to allow students to continually reflect on their own learning, pose their own questions, and pursue answers in a structured, but personalized environment.