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Family Alliance

I Belong, You Belong, We Belong: Our Community 

What is Family Alliance?

The Family Alliance (FA) is IVA High’s parent “association”. All parents/guardians of IVA High students are members of the FA, and are welcome to attend all meetings and events. We do not require dues, rather ask families to participate in developing the school through ideas, connection, and action. The FA serves to bring together parent interests, concerns, and activities, and connect our community. 

The mission of the Family Alliance is:

  • To support the mission and policies of IVA High;
  • To serve as an educational resource for parents by providing content and information germane to adolescent development, parenting, and education;
  • To cultivate positive relationships among the school, the staff, the parents and the students by operating in a manner that fosters connections;
  • Manage parent volunteers; 
  • Help raise funds for the school.  
  • The FA is committed to providing opportunities to connect parents with each other and to create a sense of community. We hope ALL IVA High parents will choose to be involved in a way that interests them during the time their student is enrolled at IVA High.  

Family Alliance also oversees the following:

Events & Activities: serves IVA High and the parent body, as well as prospective families, by coordinating and supporting a wide range of events and activities throughout the year.

Language, Culture & Community: serves to recognize and celebrate the rich cultural diversity of the School by sponsoring special events programs and initiatives in collaboration with the School.  

If you are interested in leading the Family Alliance, please contact Summer Sanders at  summer.sanders@ivahigh.org.