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Intellectual Virtues Model

Prestigious universities [should] admit more students who have attended schools that teach the intellectual virtues. 


- N.Y. Times Top 10 Bestseller
Coddling of the American Mind


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Mission-Driven High School

Imagine a high school where students are asked to care about how their mind works, to wonder together; where students are excited to learn, feel safe, and belong to a caring community. What if this place encouraged students to reflect on how they learn, and viewed perseverance through struggle as an opportunity for growth? There is such a place! IVA High's mission and vision is to provide a challenging, supportive, and thoughtful learning environment focusing on deep understanding, preparing each student for the 21st century. 

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Small Classroom Sizes

IVA High Average:


CA Average:


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Welcoming and Safe Environment

IVA High is an inviting, joyful community where every student is cared about, known well, and appreciated for their unique attributes. Part of the reason for this is our dedication to smaller class sizes which allows for more interaction and personalization. We also have a high counselor to student ratio to support academics, social-emotional needs, and to prepare students for life after high school. Combined with our talented faculty and academic rigor, this is naturally becomes a place where students have the freedom to discover their interests, be curious, and better understand themselves in relation to the world in which they live.

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Academic Excellence

Above national and state average growth
on all tests every year.
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Strong Academic Foundation and Life Skills

We seek to provide opportunities for students to think deeply, moving them from inquiry to impact. Through this process, students find their passion and purpose to engage the world around them. Our talented faculty provides an outstanding educational experience that equips students with a strong academic foundation and valuable life skills through college preparatory, honors, Advanced Placement, and college level courses (through our partnership with Long Beach Community College). Our college accreditation agency (WASC) describes our academic program as “visionary,” citing in part our program’s “worldwide recognition” and national and state test scores. 

University and Research Partnerships

Long Beach College
Long Beach College Promise Partner
Loyola Marymount University
Professor Co-Founded Middle and High Schools
UC Irvine
Implementation of Intellectual Virtue Model
Calvin University
Designed Intellectual Virtue Growth Database
Three-year Neurological Study on Teaching for Deeper Learning
Boston University
Two-year Study of Student Intellectual Character Growth
John Templeton Foundation
$3.5 Million Dollar Grant to Develop Character Program
Harvard University
Project Zero Partners With Our IV Institute and PD Program
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Our Extra-Curriculars

Clubs and Sports
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Welcoming Environment that Allows for Enhanced Collaboration

IVA High students have over 20+ clubs and sports to help them custom design their own high school experience. They create clubs, organize dances, design multiple field trips per year, put together movies/game nights, etc. Staff and partner organizations connect students' curiosities and passions outside of the classroom. Students are empowered to take the lead here at IVA High.

"It’s great to have power, knowing your voice will be heard."

-Trent Myles ‘20

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Faculty Profile



Hold a Master's Degree or Higher



Previously Worked at a College Level

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Caring and Creative Faculty

Our talented and diverse teachers design meaningful and relevant learning opportunities through a learner-centered approach. Students are known, valued, and encouraged to construct understanding through the lens of different viewpoints. We value social relationships as a learning opportunity for both student and staff development, therefore our curriculum is responsive to each learner's lived experience. These are some of the reasons why Academy parents rank our teachers above district, charter, and even private school teachers. Just 3% of teacher applicants to the Academy are accepted, 75% of our teachers have a Master’s Degree or above, and about half have taught at the college level.

Most diverse students awards winner IVA
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Awarded 2020 & 2021 Most Diverse School

Top 10% diverse student body
in the state and county

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Equity for Our Diverse Community

We aim to provide all of our students with a personalized approach valuing individual interests, experiences, and backgrounds. Our learners bring curiosity, courage, dynamic personalities, productive struggle and excitement to the learning process. Each unique identity, culture, and perspective fuels our connectedness. When we listen to our learners, and connect to their passions, needs, and goals, we can create collaborative experiences that develop critical thinking skills and ignite creative power. These characteristics truly make our school a unique place to belong.