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IVA High is Officially an NCAA-Accredited Public High School

We are thrilled to announce that IVA High has been approved as a National Collegiate Athletic Association - accredited public high school. We are so proud of Vivian, our 2023 senior student athlete who has been offered an athletic scholarship to California State University, Humboldt

We are so excited to be able to offer this program for current and future IVA High student-athletes! This accreditation only further highlights the quality of IVA High’s advanced coursework, academic support services, and flexibility of the extracurricular activities offered. 

“Although IVA High does not currently offer a formal sports program, we don’t let that get in the way of offering and connecting to resources to help student-athletes excel, academically and athletically to get accepted to the college of their choice… and to receive scholarships to do so.“

- Summer Sanders, Head of School.

Graduating from an NCAA-accredited public high school can offer several benefits for students who are interested in pursuing collegiate athletics. Here are five reasons why being an accredited school benefits our student athletes.  

  1. Eligibility for NCAA participation: NCAA-accredited high schools must meet specific academic standards to ensure that their students are prepared for college-level coursework. By attending an accredited high school, student-athletes can meet the NCAA eligibility requirements and compete in NCAA sports.
  2. Increased visibility to college recruiters: Many college recruiters and coaches prioritize student-athletes from accredited high schools because they know that these students have been held to rigorous academic standards. Attending an accredited high school can, therefore, increase a student-athlete's visibility to college recruiters and potentially improve their chances of being recruited.
  3. Strong academic foundation: NCAA-accredited high schools often have strong academic programs that prepare students for college-level coursework. By attending such a school, student-athletes can develop the academic skills and knowledge they need to succeed in college.
  4. Better access to resources: Accredited high schools often have more resources available to their students, such as advanced coursework, academic support services, and extracurricular activities. These resources can help student-athletes to excel academically and athletically.
  5. Higher academic standards: Accredited high schools must meet certain academic standards to maintain their accreditation status. By attending such a school, student-athletes are held to higher academic standards, which can help them to develop strong study habits and achieve academic success.

It's important to note that while graduating from an NCAA-accredited high school can offer these benefits, it is not a guarantee of success in collegiate athletics. Student-athletes still need to work hard, develop their skills, and navigate the recruitment process to be successful at the college level.

Best of all? We don’t expect you to figure it all out on your own. You’ll make the decisions, but our supportive staff is here to guide and offer help. We’ve got your back. We’ve built our community for all students to feel at home–a place to be yourself, find your path and take control of your future. Find out more and enroll today! 

About IVA High

IVA High is a fully accredited, tuition-free public high school in Long Beach, California with a mission to empower students to think well: creatively, critically, and with a capacity for self-growth. Our learner-centered approach puts students in charge of their education, while dual enrollment and paid internships transform learning into action. Students come for college prep, STEAM and limitless options for their future; they stay for smaller, safer learning in a vibrant, caring community. Join us–we’re building curious minds & empowered communities.