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Paid Internships for All

At IVA High, preparation for college, career and life happens both inside and outside of the classroom. Our paid internship program, part of our innovative and preparatory curriculum, creates opportunities for our high school students to apply their learning and skills in the real world, transforming learning into action. As a tuition-free charter high school, we’re providing equitable access to essential skills and experiences that enable everyone to connect, contribute, and belong. 


Why Paid Internships in High School? 

Paid internships provide IVA High students hands-on, skill-building experience in preparation for college and career. A paid internship can help students narrow their focus for a future career or college studies. Early access to professional environments builds valuable connections with the community, creating a network of relationships that can support them throughout their career. Plus, our internships are paid, because we believe that student contributions and time are just as valuable as hired employees. 

Paid Internships at IVA High

IVA High has partnered with Long Beach Community College, EXP Internship Program, and other local community partners to offer our students a wide variety of internship placements in the greater Long Beach area. After students learn about a variety of careers, they are taught how to write a dynamic resume and cover letter, participate in mock interviews, get feedback from employers, eventually applying to an internship that aligns with their goals and passions. Our program prepares students for the real-world by connecting them with employers from a variety of industries such as architecture, law, marketing, marine biology, transportation and even city & state government. These employers often become mentors to our students, offering them scholarships and future job opportunities!

Some examples of internships our students have completed include: 

  • Ports America
  • Animal Rescue
  • United States Coast Guard
  • Office of Assemblymember Mike A. Gipson
  • Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority
  • Law firm of Peacock, Piper, Tong + Voss
  • Marine Exchange
  • Yusen Logistics


IVA High graduates stand out from the crowd for scholarships, college applications and resumes with a paid internship. A successful internship demonstrates interest and passion, as well as the skills and experience needed to thrive in a professional environment. 

Paid internships are just one component of a transformative education at IVA High. Join us in our mission to create equitable access for all to a bright future–our tuition-free innovative high school is enrolling for Fall 2023.

About IVA High

IVA High is a fully accredited, tuition-free public high school in Long Beach, California with a mission to empower students to think well: creatively, critically, and with a capacity for self-growth. Our learner-centered approach puts students in charge of their education, while dual enrollment and paid internships transform learning into action. Students come for college prep, STEAM and limitless options for their future; they stay for smaller, safer learning in a vibrant, caring community. Join us–we’re building curious minds & empowered communities.