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IVA High students in cap and gown at graduation

Top 10 Reasons to Attend IVA High

Curious what IVA High is really like? Our small, charter school is all about helping you shape a high school experience that fits you. Here are 10 reasons you’ll say attending Long Beach’s best kept secret is the best decision you ever made:  

1. Smaller, Safer Learning

IVA High is intentionally small. Our size provides a safe setting that fosters strong relationships, 1:1 support and personalized learning, ensuring no one slips through the cracks. 

2. Tuition-Free & Fully Accredited

We are a 100% tuition-free public charter high school serving the students of the greater Long Beach area with innovative academics taught by a highly qualified team of teachers and educators. Our accreditation with WASC affirms our longstanding commitment to excellence and high standards for all students. 

3. Critical & Creative Thinking Skills 

Our emphasis on the intellectual virtues isn't an add-on–it is the curriculum, thoughtfully woven into every subject to support habits of character alongside critical and creative thinking skills. By tackling big, essential questions we ask students to dig deep, build on their knowledge, humbly open their minds and have the courage to respectfully share their thinking.

4. Vibrant Community Where You Can Belong

The inclusive and welcoming community at IVA High, built on trusted relationships among peers and staff, is our greatest asset. We lift up the voice of every student within our school, where everyone is invited to express themselves and grow in their own identity. As courageous contributors, our students feel heard, appreciated and valued.

5. Multiple Pathways to Explore

From project-based learning to class offerings that evolve and grow based on interests and needs, students at IVA High have true ownership over their education. We offer choices for your future, including college prep and Advanced Placement classes, Spanish and Engineering classes designed to take your skills further. We believe in broadening your horizons, not limiting them with a narrow path. 

6. Dual Enrollment & Paid Internships for All

In cooperation with Long Beach City College, IVA High students are invited to earn college credits and begin preparing for a career, all tuition-free. We also offer all students the opportunity for a paid internship at a variety of local businesses and government offices, , because we believe in the power of authentic and practical learning. Enrolling at IVA High = a head start. 

7. Diverse Learning Community

We welcome and celebrate each unique individual who walks through the doors of IVA High. We foster a learning community that is inclusive of everyone: we do not discriminate based on race, color, ancestry, national/ethnic origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, religion, gender identity, mental health, physical and/or learning differences, socioeconomic status, or other characteristics that construct our unique human identities. All learners, regardless if they have a 504 or IEP, are welcome and encouraged to attend IVA High. 

8. Foundational Life Skills

Our unique Advisory class, guided by a trusted staff member, provides a foundation for developing character and mindset that lasts a lifetime. We also have a low counselor to student ratio, providing our students greater access to support for academics and social-emotional needs than a larger high school is able to offer. 

IVA High students sit on ground and logs in a forest while on outdoor field trip.

9. Clubs & Sports for Everyone

Our rotating selection of clubs, including favorites like Skate, Journalism, Gender Sexuality Alliance and Black Student Union, are student and faculty led. Our popular Debate club has been killing it at competitions this year. Have a club you want to start? Let’s make it happen. We also offer sports like cross country, basketball, volleyball and futsal, as well as PE credit for teams outside of school. 

10. Joy in Learning 

We infuse joy into everything we do, whether it’s an Open Mic Night at a local cafe or a mid-day Queen karaoke session, we value fun and authentic connection at our small school. From Spanish Club fiestas, to basketball tournaments, movie nights, field trips and boat dances, at our small school, you are not just classmates, you are friends.

Ready to get started on your best school years yet? We invite you to learn more about our school and visit our enrollment page to learn more about the process. We are currently enrolling for Fall 2024 – Join us! 

About IVA High

IVA High is a fully accredited, tuition-free public high school in Long Beach, California with a mission to empower students to think well: creatively, critically, and with a capacity for self-growth. Our learner-centered approach puts students in charge of their education, while dual enrollment and paid internships transform learning into action. Students come for college prep, STEAM and limitless options for their future; they stay for smaller, safer learning in a vibrant, caring community. IVA High - Curious Minds, Empowered Community - Join Us.